We orginally started country crafting in Australia, we do this as a hobby so we dont mass produce items and all our items are handcut, handmade and painted here in the heart of scotland in West Lothian.  Items are made to order unless we have a stock item, so no two pieces will be identical. Items can be personalised at no extra cost where permitted
I have decided after a long deliberation to cut down on our crafts as we do not have the craft shows here in Scotland for selling such a large variety. We have found more and more that 'craft' shows are not all handmade by the artisan but mostly a 'buy and sell' basically they are markets and therefore not suitable for 100% handmade goods as we cannot compete with cheap foreign and mass produced imports.
We have been online now for 9 years and find it difficult to maintain up to date items on the website that we take to a show as it involves a lot of work ie: pictures,text and stock control etc etc.  So I have also decided to make a decision this year whether to close the website when we reach the 10yr mark. This will be announced nearer the time on this main page
Thankyou to all my past customers and any future customers
Happy Crafting
NB:  I have also decided to sell off most of my craft supplies as i wont be needing all of them anymore...
please keep checking back for the supplies or sales pages