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sewing-machine_36 All of our Dolls & Bears are unique and no two will ever be the same.  All my dolls & bears are kept in airtight containers filled with Lavender & Rose Petals to ward off any moths or other insects that might fancy a nibble on my lovely fabrics.  All our dolls are handmade by myself.

bear2_36Our dressed bears are commercially made bears unless otherwise stated . We then make our own dresses and cut wooden hearts for the bears and add accessories such as mulberry flowers, bows, ladybirds, butterflies etc. Each one is still unique and no two will be the same.

Most of these bears come with a blank wooden heart so that you can add a name and make it truly unique. We can do this for you if you order the name at checkout. Otherwise it will be sent out blank.

Please Note: All these items are not toys, they are not suitable for young children. For display purposes only

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Bless this House
Bless this House
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